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Yes, it’s a slightly funny name but my goodness are these delicious! And even better, you can whip them up in under 5 minutes.  They make an excellent lunch, snack or even add a side salad and call them dinner! It’s not so much of a recipe here, more a bit of guidance. 

I find it helps if you think of them as a slightly odd toastie when thinking of flavour combinations.  I haven’t gone so far as to make a ham, cheese and Branston’s pickle Quesadilla yet but I fear it’s only time!  One thing I would advise: Never skip the cheese!  A good melty cheddar is your standby but by all means, go nuts! Mozerella, parmesan, ementhal, gorgonaola, the cheesy world is your oyster!

These Quesadilla are ham, cheese and tomato but my favourite filling has to be chicken, cheese, tomato, sweet chilli sauce and a smear of mayonaise! Delicious! Red onion and sliced peppers work nicely in nearly any flavour, and just plain old cheese and tomato is a good meat free option.  I’ve even seen a tuna melt Quesadilla before.  Have a little fun and experiment with what you like!

Makes 1

1 flour tortilla wrap
1-2 slices ham, torn up
1/2 a tomato, sliced
~1/2 cup grated cheese

– Warm the tortilla wrap on a plate in the microwave for 20 seconds or so to make it pliant. 
– Heat a large frying pan dry. 
– Scatter the tomato over half the tortilla wrap. 
– Add a layer of ham. 
– Sprinkle over the grated cheese.  (I simply grate my cheese directly onto the wrap.)
– Fold the wrap in half and carefully place in the hot frying pan.  You can cook two at a time if your pan is big enough. 
– Cook for about 1 minute until the underside fo the wrap is crips and browning then carefully turn over and cook the other side for a further minute. 
– Place on a plate and slice into segments. 


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Angèle Violet Midgley

17th November 1923 – 16th March 2011


Today was Gran’s funeral.  It was a lovely service, absolutely what she would have wanted, and there were so many people from the village there, an amazing turnout.  The weather was perfect, especially as we walked from her house to the church following the hearse.  It was a proper, old school service, I even wore a hat!  Tomorrow morning we have the cremation service just for family but I just wanted to put a quick post up to mark the occasion. 

Gran and I had so much in common, a love of Glenn Miller, hats and the countryside.  I have loved and cherished all of the time I got to share with her and while today was a celebration of  her life and all that she gave us, and she gave a lot, tomorrow will be the time to say goodbye properly.  Gran was what can only be described as a pillar of the community, she was involved in every aspect of village life since she moved to the village in 1964 and that was shown by just how many people came to pay their respects today.  It was lovely to see how many other people had such affection for her so thank you to everyone who attended. 


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Vintaging It Up!

Sorry for the long hiatus everyone.  I’m afraid I haven’t been cooking much lately.  First it was because of fun things like my new dress making obsession but then a few weeks ago my Gran was taken seriously ill and taken into hospital.  Unfortunately it’s not good news so I’ve been spending a lot of time visiting her there and just have not felt like cooking the rest of the time.  No one knows how long she has left but we know it’s not long so we’re just taking it a day at a time and playing it by ear. 

However, yesterday I spent the day with my little sister at “York Does Vintage” a brand new vintage fair, so, of course, I embraced my vintage wardrobe and went all out!  The hat I’m wearing is, in fact, my Great Grandmother’s, which my Gran kindly gave to me a few years ago.  I’m bringing hats back, baby!  The rest of the photos I took were rubbish but we had great time with the Booth Revolution photo booth and got some lovely shots of the two of us.

I got a lovely dress, a hat and some scarves and got to chat to some fantastic new people.  When all the shopping got a bit too much we stopped for a cup of tea and one of Lisa of Curiositeashop‘s lovely Raspberry Ripple cupcakes.  Just what we needed to pick us up and get ready for more! 

Once we had exhausted ourselves and the clothes rails we headed off to Goji, a veggie cafe, for some lunch.  My sister has been a vegetarian for months now and had never visited a purely veggie establishment! She had a mushroom burger and I had a tofu hotdog, I’m branching out!

ETA: More pics! Yay!

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