About Me

I’m Anna, I love to cook and am always messing about in the kitchen and this blog is my way of recording all that.

I live in York and work out in one of the surrounding villages, which seems to be the perfect mix of town and country for me.  I work as the assistant to an Interior Designer, which is a great job, very inspirational!


I’m lucky enough to be able to take my lhasa apso, Darcy with me everywhere I go.  He’s my chief recipe tester (except for Chocolate!) and while his standards may not be that high he seems to like what I cook!  My friends rarely turn down an invitation to dinner at any rate!

I will try my hand at cooking or baking just about anything.  I’m never happier than when I’m covered in flour with 2 or 3 dishes on the go… although my mood plummets when I have to tackle all of that washing up!

I love to travel and I try to share my journeys here, always with a foodie bias!


Days out with the dog and discovering dog friendly tea rooms is another pass time and whatever tips I have I share here.  I also like to share to occasional craft as it’s not just food preparation that the kitchen is good for!

I love hearing your kitchen experiences too so don’t be afraid to comment!


3 responses to “About Me

  1. kcd75

    I understand your comments about the recession. My friends and I have also had difficulty with the job hunt!

    Love the site!


  2. Hi Anna,

    I am an Assistant Producer at ITV Productions and we are currently searching for potential contestants for Britain’s Best Dish. In case you haven’t seen the show before Britain’s Best Dish is an annual competition hosted by ITV for amateur cooks. In it we look for Britain’s best starter, main course and dessert. The winner of the competition receives the accolade of Britain’s Best Dish and takes home a £10,000 cash prize.

    We’re starting another series in the coming weeks and will be holding our regional auditions in May. As you are a keen foodie then you are just the sort of person we are looking for and wondered if it might be something you may like to get involved in.

    If you are at all interested in taking part or know anyone who may be interested and haven’t already featured in the Best Dish studio finals, please email ASAP with your name, contact number, and where you’re from to bestdish@itv.com and we’ll be in touch soon.

    Many thanks in advance,


  3. Seasidh

    I’m going to try your mums Marmalade recipe. It should be much easier using my pressure cooker and am quite excited about it!

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