Angèle Violet Midgley

17th November 1923 – 16th March 2011


Today was Gran’s funeral.  It was a lovely service, absolutely what she would have wanted, and there were so many people from the village there, an amazing turnout.  The weather was perfect, especially as we walked from her house to the church following the hearse.  It was a proper, old school service, I even wore a hat!  Tomorrow morning we have the cremation service just for family but I just wanted to put a quick post up to mark the occasion. 

Gran and I had so much in common, a love of Glenn Miller, hats and the countryside.  I have loved and cherished all of the time I got to share with her and while today was a celebration of  her life and all that she gave us, and she gave a lot, tomorrow will be the time to say goodbye properly.  Gran was what can only be described as a pillar of the community, she was involved in every aspect of village life since she moved to the village in 1964 and that was shown by just how many people came to pay their respects today.  It was lovely to see how many other people had such affection for her so thank you to everyone who attended. 



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2 responses to “Gran

  1. Mum

    Thank you. A fitting tibute to a very special Mum, Granny, Grandma and Grandma Great.

  2. Hello Anna. First of all, I am sorry for the passing of Gran. Sometimes in this life we are fortunate to have special people in our lives that have touched and shaped us. People whose presence enriches who we are. Gran sounds like one of those people. I was visitng your blog, since I write a blog on Food as well. Good photos and I like the Orange Marmelade post especoially. I write a blog on Love and Relationships told through stories of Food and Recipes. And sometimes the other way around. Please visit. Comment. Maybe Follow. Thanks

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