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5 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Anonymous

    Your mum’s marmalade recipe has saved my life. It is scrumptious and was easy to make – saved me hours of labour. Give her a kiss from me.

  2. Sophie

    Hi Anna,

    thanks for your fruit bread recipie! I love the fruit bread from Starbucks, but its not available in german Starbucks stores ;(.
    I have looked in the internet for a similar recipie and I think your one is the best! I will try it at the weekend.

    Besides, do you have a good recipie for lemon curd? Its also not available in Germany, but I bought some at my holidays it in GB last summer and felled in love with it 😉 I tryed a internet recipie, but its not so creamy…


  3. Sophie

    Hi Anna,

    I just tried your recipe and its really delicious! Thanks a lot!

    Nice weekend, Sophie.

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