Christmas Treats

As of tomorrow I am going to start posting recipes for things I’ve made for christmas presents.  I’m doing a mixture of bought and home made, edible and not.  So if you know me in the real world this is your cue to stop reading this blog until after christmas… or start working on your surprised face! 

Tonight’s offering is Christmas Cupcakes!  Same basic cupcake recipe as usual made into 1/2 plain and 1/2 chocolate.  The christmas cupcake cases are slightly smaller than normal muffin cases so I ended up with 15 cupcakes rather than the usual 12.  Some are iced with buttercream, sprinkles and EDIBLE GLITTER! My life has not been complete without edible glitter.  I love the stuff! The candy cane ones are chocolate cupcakes with mint fondant icing (fondant icing sugar, peppermint essence and water) and sprinkles. 

I have run out of sugar, icing sugar, vanilla essence and other necessary supplies so the holiday baking is on hold for now.  Tomorrow I start again!


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