Kitchen Crafts – Felt Food

Almost forgot about this labour of love!  For Christmas this year I decided to hand sew all of this felt food for my friend’s kids… I’m not going to lie, it made me so happy making it!  So much fun!

Felt Food

It took forever and, of course, I was right down to the wire stitching until December 23rd!  But I was so happy with the end results and I hope the kids have enjoyed playing with it as much as I know I would have when I was little!

Felt Food

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches or even BLT if you fancy!  I hand drew the bread templates then sewed round the edges attaching a strip of darker brown for the crust then turned it inside out and stuffed it and sewed up the gap.  If I were to do this again I think I would keep the stitching on the outside and do a nice blanket stitch so the bread would lie flatter.

Bacon was simple, wiggly pink (couldn’t find a less luminous pink!) with cream strips sewn on top.

Eggs were 2 wiggly white blobs with a stightly stuffed yellow circle appliqued to one before blanket stitching them both together round the outside.

Cheese was 2 squares of yellow, holes cut out and then all of the edges blanket stitched together.

Lettuce was wiggly green circles, folded in half and a stem stitched on just in from the fold then opened back up again.

Tomatoes were 2 circles of dark red with holes cut out and one slightly smaller circle of bright red sandwiched in the middle to show through the holes.  Again, the edges were blanket stitched together.

Felt Food

Little bowls of pasta!  Simply cut a long strip of biscuity felt about 1″ wide and snip every 1 1/2″ with pinking sheers.  Then a few quick running stitches through the centre and pull tight and knot to make a bow.

Tomato Sauce is simple, a wiggly red piece of felt! Can also be used as  Jam or Ketchup in sandwiches.

Felt Food

While looking for inspiration I had read a wild mummy blogger rant about the inherent unhealthiness of all of the felt food she had ever seen in her entire life ever!  So in fear of retribution if I made donuts I made a salad!  Wiggly rocket leaves simple with a line of stitching up the middle of each and tomatoes made of circles of red drawn together at the top and stuffed with a little green cap sewn on to cover the join.

Felt Food

Dim Sum were nice and simple, the Gyoza are circles of biscuit coloured felt folded in half and stitched with one edge crimped (just as you would make proper gyoza).  The others would also pass for Garlic too and were even simpler; circles closed with running stitch and the edges turned out instead of in for a bunched top!  I was going to make Siu Mai too but I ran out of time!







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