Kitchen Tour

I thought it might be time to share my chaotic little kitchen with you guys.  It’s still a work in progress but this is where I rustle up all of my culinary creations!  I only just had the dishwasher fitted so it’s still all shiny and new!  I was in the middle of a baking frenzy at the point when I took these pics, what can I say, I was being impulsive!



It’s only a small kitchen, much smaller than my last but with about the same amount of storage when all is said and done, but my goodness have I managed to pack a  lot in!  I will never be accused of minimalism, that’s for sure!

I’ve managed to put my own stamp on what was a terribly uninspired kitchen.  I ADORE the turquoise colour on the walls, as it’s such a small space I really felt I could go for a high impact colour without it getting too overwhelming.  There were these hideous picture tiles dotted about the place but I’ve covered those with some vinyl tiles as re-tiling just isn’t on the cards any time soon!



Every bit of space is used in this kitchen, I have a lot of gadgets and bakeware and crockery and I swear every bit of it is essential!  One day I will have a proper sort out but I confess I’m a hoarder and that day will not be soon! My favourite new addition (along side the dishwasher) is this handy pull out drawer.  We couldn’t fit a full size dishwasher in because of the depth so ended up with this leftover space that is perfectly filled by this drawer, it’s such a handy space for baking trays etc. that really don’t fit elsewhere!  Another useful item is the large wooden worktop saver that I pop on top of the hob when I am in need of the extra counterspace.  When it is not in use it slides nicely on top of the washing machine for storage.


My Wall Of Stuff is so handy, I have two rows of pans hanging from the ceiling, then my spice racks, then knives and utensils, all within easy reach and taking up as little space as possible.  The carpet beater lives there because, well, I simply couldn’t fit it anywhere else!  (And it’s very useful indeed when you have a very fluffy dog who hates the hoover!)


Corner countertops are always a bit of an issue in kitchens, no matter what the size, so I’ve found that a lazy susan makes perfect use of the space, nothing is inaccessible and nothing gets shoved to the back and forgotten about.  It also makes cleaning so much easier as you only have to move one thing rather than loads of small jars etc.


I want to make a few more improvements, some shelves by the boiler, more under-counter lights and changing the cupboard knobs but first I have to find some I like!  It’s all a work in progress, like any home.


So there it is, my messy, cozy kitchen.  It isn’t to everyone’s taste but I love it and spend many happy hours in here messing about coming up with new ideas!


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