The Call of the Wild

Sorry for, once again, leaving a long gap between posts. I’ve got some amazing recipes to share with you guys just as soon as I sit down and type them up, it’s just finding the time!

I’ve been neglegting my kitchen somewhat of late in favour of the garden.  My little yard is being fairly productive and pretty (I ate my first ever home grown courgette, look forward to that recipe, it’s amazing!) Everything there is grown in pots and watered by a micro irrigation system.  So that’s ticking along fairly well.

Right Side

Left side

Considering it started last summer like this, I’m pretty happy with it! It pretty much does its own thing.  I grow everything all muddled together, trees, veg, flowers, herbs etc.  It all just does what it wants with minimal interference from me.  So far so good.  But this is what has been taking up all of my time recently.  My shared back garden.  Here is what it looked like when I first moved in:

Now, it’s not terribly in focus so it doesn’t look too bad here, nice and green, right? Well, that my friends, is pretty much solid weeds… there are a few shrubs struggling along, and some grass somewhere in the middle but most of it is ground elder.

As of about 1 hour ago it looked like this:

I think I’ve made some good progress!  It is still very much a work in progress.  As you can sort of see, I’m working from left to right and I am seriously lacking in actual plants now that all of the weeds are gone but we’ll get there.  I’m aiming for a nice, traditional English border, may be mix in some vegetables, the far right is definitely going to be a herb garden, there’s a gorgeuos lemon balm in there already but I want to get some mint going and definitely a rosemary, lavender and sage too.  We’re even considering a rockery as the boulders we’ve extracted from the soil are just begging for something like that!

So that’s what has had me all distracted lately, I hope you’ll forgive me and bear with me until the autumn when I’m sure I’ll be racing back to my cozy kitchen once again!  But I do promise to try harder to get the recipes I’m sitting on up as soon as possible.  In fact, I’ll start now!




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