I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting you all recently and I really wanted to post something, anything!  I’ve just been really busy, last week I went up to the west coast of Scotland, where I ate loads of seafood but didn’t actually cook anything. 

And this week I’ve been working on something special but I don’t want to jinx it just yet.  All fingers and toes crossed, I may have some exciting news to come and if I don’t have news I’ll at least have a good story!

In the meantime I give you that perenial British summer favourite, for it really is summer at last, Pimms!

Serves however many you like!

– Pour a decent splash of Pimms in the bottom of a glass. 
– Add ice, sliced lemon, orange and cucumber. 
– Top up with lemonade or tonic water. 
– Add a sprig of mint. 
– Enjoy!


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