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Carpenters Arms, Felixkirk

If you are looking for a fabulous place to eat this Christmas break please let me recommend the Carpenters Arms at Felixkirk, just outside of Thirsk! We had our work Christmas dinner there last week and the food was every bit as good as I’ve come to expect from one of the Provenance Inns group.  The pubs themselves are always so cozy and welcoming and the Christmas Menu at the Carpenters was fantastic!


From the specials I chose the Teriyaki Salmon.  The salmon was perfect, I get a real bee in my bonnet about over done salmon but this was divine! The wasabi mayo wasn’t too strong and the light pickles and crunchy squid all combined to make a joyous plate!


The Turkey Christmas Dinner was everything you could ask for, excellent meat, luscious gravy and a great selection of veg to round out this seasonal classic!


Ah, dessert!  I, of course, went with the Chocolate Marquise and I was not disappointed!  Rich, light and delicious!  The pistachio ice cream and caramelised bananas mixed things up nicely!  The Christmas pudding and Ginger Puddings also got rave reviews at our table!


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Yorkshire Puddings!

I am a Yorkshire Lass.  So I can only apologise for the fact that up until this point I haven’t shared the recipe for Yorkshire Puddings with you guys! Yorkshires are a staple comfort food in my family, they are present for every Sunday Roast and frequently pop up in the doldrums of winter for a comforting Toad In The Hole.  These little pillows of crunchy, squidgy batter are so easy to throw together and even easier to scoff down at the speed of light!


I have to confess that I don’t normally cook Yorkshire Puddings.  That’s my mum’s department.  I go back home almost every Sunday to share a Sunday Roast with my parents, there’s little point in cooking a Roast for one and it lets Darcy and Frodo play together regularly and I get to check in with my parents.  Win win, really!  But sometimes I’m with friends or simply in the mood and that is when it is time to pull out the bun tin and get cracking! After a certain amount of practice you can do this without measuring properly but start slow, practice and soon you’ll find your feet!  I like to use a tall measuring jug from the stick blender as I can see exactly where everything comes up to and it’s so simple!



Makes ~ 12 Yorkshire Puddings

100g plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
300ml milk
1 egg
oil/lard/trex for cooking

– Put the flour, salt, milk and egg into a tall jug.
– Blitz with a stick blender to combine (Keeping a good grip on the jug!)
– Leave to sit for around 20 minutes, half an hour, or longer if necessary.
– Get the oven nice and hot (Gas 6 / 200C or above) If you already have had your roast in this shouldn’t be an issue.
– Put a small knob of trex, lard or a dash of vegetable oil (just enough to cover the base of the tin) and place in the oven to get piping hot.  (10 minutes or so)
– Pour the batter in to just fill each hole of the bun tin.  (Careful of the hot oil!!)
– Place carefully in the oven and close the oven door.
– Leave to cook for 25-30 minutes until all poofed up and golden brown.  DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN WHILE THEY ARE COOKING!
– Remove from the oven when you have reached the correct level of brown for your taste (Sometime I quite like them to be just a little bit squishy to be honest, other times I let them fully crisp up!)
– Serve with gravy… or, indeed, jam and sugar if you do so choose!

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Field Trip! Beningbrough Hall Parkland and Home Farm Shop




This week’s Filed Trip! was to Beningbrough Hall Parkland and Home Farm Farmshop.  Beningbrough Hall is a gorgeous National Trust property located just to the north of York off the A19.  The walled gardens are one of my favourite places to visit in the whole world.  I’m just lucky that I live 15 minutes away!  The house is interesting and if you’re into portraiture they collaborate with the National Portrait Gallery for exhibitions.  However, they don’t allow dogs in to the gardens so I haven’t been in since I got Darcy.  Boo!



However, the parklands surrounding the house are open to dogs and there are several walks through the woods and fields.  The longest one circumnavigating the whole property takes us about 1.5 – 2 hours at a fairly leisurely pace.  They have a great leaflet showing the short, medium and longer walks.  It can get a little muddy in the winter and if there has been a lot of rain then flooding can be an issue along  the river banks.  In good weather though the dogs love to go for a swim at the furthest point where the Nidd joins the Ouse!


The National Trust have a lovely restaurant inside the grounds but, again, no dogs allowed.  Luckily Home Farm Shop is located just the other side of the car park (National Trust members can park for free) and has plenty of outside seating.  It’s very popular with dog walkers and cyclists and serves a delicious range of food and drink.  Just what you need after a good long walk!


I almost always go for the Home Farm Burger.  You get to eat the cows you just walked past!!! (This pleases me greatly and I always make a point to tell them how delicious they are.  Weird, yes, but I feel they should know what a good job they’re doing eating grass and getting all delicious!)  My friend favours the Ploughmans and the portions are always generous.  The dogs usually split a sausage roll!  The selection of cakes is always good and everything I’ve tried has been great, I’ve never once been disappointed!



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Field Trip! Helmsley Walled Gardens

Darcy has settled in well and has been allowed out and about for 5 weeks now!  This means ADVENTURES!  Therefore I thought I’d start a new series about the adventures we’ve been on so far and share our findings with you all!  It’s often difficult to plan a day out that works for our four legged friends as well as it does for us and often you need some insider knowledge to plan a truly brilliant outing for everyone.

So I thought I’d tell you about our first dog friendly adventure to Helmsley Walled Garden.  Tucked round the back of Helmsley Castle (which is English Heritage so dogs can get in here too!) this walled garden is one of those little gems you simultaneously want to tell everybody about and keep to yourself!




Every part of it is beautifully planned and executed and every area has something different to delight!  You start by the glass houses and work your way through beautiful borders, wildflower meadows, orchards, vegetables, chicken and bees, water features, you name it, this place has it!




It’s the most wonderful place to retreat to for contemplation and inspiration.  I’ve never yet left the place without another plant that I’ve seen in situ here and just had to add to my own garden!  (And the shop is very well priced, none of the extortion you usually see in places like this!)



The paths are well laid out, well maintained and, although I have no first hand experience, look to be easily accessible to push chairs and wheelchairs.  There are plenty of benches dotted about for you to sit and take a moment to enjoy the surroundings (or have a rest if necessary).



They also have a gorgeous cafe in The Vine House.  There’s plenty of outside seating, very comfortable, with umbrellas for shade.  The lunch menu is served from midday to 3pm and, although I didn’t partake this time around, I will definitely be planning another trip soon because it all sounded fantastic!



We went for a scone for myself and a slice of chocolate cake for my mum to go with our tea.  I have to say I was a bit disappointed when the scone arrived as there really didn’t seem to be enough jam but it was such beautifully sweet, tart, flavoursome jam that it worked wonderfully even with only a little bit!  (I’m also a cream rather than butter girl but sometimes sacrifices must be made!) I specifically hadn’t chosen the chocolate as it looked a little dry… How wrong I was! It was divine!  Beautifully moist and deeply chocolaty!  I can’t wait to sample the other cakey offerings (which were plentiful!) it all looked so good that there will surely be something to tempt everyone!



(No, I don’t know how he sees out either but he doesn’t walk into walls so clearly it works!)





All in all a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.  There’s plenty of parking in Helmsley on the market place and the longer stay car park (which is more convenient for the Walled Garden) and it’s not too dear either, I think you’ll want to allow yourself at least 2 hours for the garden and afternoon tea!  The rest of the town is lovely too with several coffee shops allowing dogs in or at least with outside seating.  Entrance to the garden is £6 (and you’ll want to complete a gift aid form ;o)


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