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Roast Beef

I have eaten many many roast dinners in my time but it is actually quite rare that I get to cook one myself.  So it was with great joy that an alignment of a bargain joint of beef and a free Sunday evening coincided to allow me to do my own roast beef for the first time!

Roast Beef

Now the roasting of a joint of meat is pretty simple.  It just involves a bit of maths!

You heat the oven to gas mark 5 / 190C and you work out how much your joint weighs in lbs.  (Take the kg weight and times it by 2.2)

Basic rules for cooking:

Rare: 20 minutes per lb + 20 minutes extra
Medium: 25 minutes per lb + 25 minutes extra
Well Done: 30 minutes per lb + 30 minutes extra

So, say you have a 1.5kg joint and you want it done medium.

1.5 x 2.2= 3.3 x 25 minute = 82.5 minutes + 25 minutes extra = 107.5 minutes

Therefore you cook your beef for 1 hour 45-50 minutes and Boom! Roast Beef!

Let your beef rest for 15 minutes or so before carving.

If you use a roasting dish that you can then apply direct heat to you can add boiling water, a beef stock cube and a few tsp cornflour mixed with a tiny splash of water and mix it all together on the heat for gravy. Stir it well scraping up all the meaty juices and allow to thicken over a medium heat.

Roast Beef


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Yorkshire Puddings!

I am a Yorkshire Lass.  So I can only apologise for the fact that up until this point I haven’t shared the recipe for Yorkshire Puddings with you guys! Yorkshires are a staple comfort food in my family, they are present for every Sunday Roast and frequently pop up in the doldrums of winter for a comforting Toad In The Hole.  These little pillows of crunchy, squidgy batter are so easy to throw together and even easier to scoff down at the speed of light!


I have to confess that I don’t normally cook Yorkshire Puddings.  That’s my mum’s department.  I go back home almost every Sunday to share a Sunday Roast with my parents, there’s little point in cooking a Roast for one and it lets Darcy and Frodo play together regularly and I get to check in with my parents.  Win win, really!  But sometimes I’m with friends or simply in the mood and that is when it is time to pull out the bun tin and get cracking! After a certain amount of practice you can do this without measuring properly but start slow, practice and soon you’ll find your feet!  I like to use a tall measuring jug from the stick blender as I can see exactly where everything comes up to and it’s so simple!



Makes ~ 12 Yorkshire Puddings

100g plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
300ml milk
1 egg
oil/lard/trex for cooking

– Put the flour, salt, milk and egg into a tall jug.
– Blitz with a stick blender to combine (Keeping a good grip on the jug!)
– Leave to sit for around 20 minutes, half an hour, or longer if necessary.
– Get the oven nice and hot (Gas 6 / 200C or above) If you already have had your roast in this shouldn’t be an issue.
– Put a small knob of trex, lard or a dash of vegetable oil (just enough to cover the base of the tin) and place in the oven to get piping hot.  (10 minutes or so)
– Pour the batter in to just fill each hole of the bun tin.  (Careful of the hot oil!!)
– Place carefully in the oven and close the oven door.
– Leave to cook for 25-30 minutes until all poofed up and golden brown.  DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN WHILE THEY ARE COOKING!
– Remove from the oven when you have reached the correct level of brown for your taste (Sometime I quite like them to be just a little bit squishy to be honest, other times I let them fully crisp up!)
– Serve with gravy… or, indeed, jam and sugar if you do so choose!

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