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Halloween Collage

With Halloween this week I thought I’d bring together some of my ideas from Halloweens gone by.  I usually have with er a special dinner or a big part for Halloween but this year I’m keeping it low key.  Some scary movies and spooky snacks will do me just fine, although I may have to take Darcy Trick or Treating!

I have a whole Halloween Menu here, a more grown up take on the season with seasonal squash, a delicious main and tempting dessert.

Whole Baked Butternut Squash

For baked goods how about some Spooky Butter Biscuits?

Butter Cut Out Biscuits

Or may be a Graveyard Cake?

Graveyard Cake

Or a variety of Spooky Halloween Cupcakes?

Spooky halloween cupcakes

The Carnation Milk Jelly makes the perfect colour for hands or brains if you have such a mould (also good slime or snot if you use green Jelly!!!)

Carnation Milk Jelly


And the Vegan Surprise Inside Cake is a lovely addition to a spooky spread and super quick to whip up!

Vegan Surprise Inside Cake

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Graveyard Cake

This was my Clandestine Cake Club cake for the Halloween and Bonfire Night event last night. I chose a Gingerbread cake with Speculoos icing and Speculoos gravestones. The dirt path is crushed Oreos. It wasn’t the most popular of cakes last night but we demolished it today at the office!!!


I made the Speculoos icing using some Speculoos paste my mum bought me in France. You could probably achieve the sameish effect by blitzing some Speculoos with your butter for the buttercream.


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