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My 30th Birthday BBQ

30th Birthday BBQ - Me on the patio!

To celebrate my 30th Birthday over the weekend I threw a small BBQ party in my garden.  The weather had been glorious all week but come the weekend rain was predicted.  Never fear!  I had a plan!

30th Birthday BBQ - Awning to protect guests from the rain!

I have an extendable awning for over the patio and I stretched a shade sail over the lawn to provide an even bigger canopy propped up with a pole in the middle and anchored to the fence posts on the corners.  This way most of my garden was sheltered and I could happily set up everything under cover in case of rain! A few shower curtains filled the gaps over the food and drink stations.

30th Birthday BBQ - DIY Bar

I set up a little bar so people could help themselves to drinks throughout the evening.  I am so in love with the drinks dispensers!  I set them on cake tins to give them a bit of elevation.  I also went the plastic and paper cup route.  No point in crying over smashed glass!

30th Birthday BBQ  - Pallet side table and flowers

I went to town on the flowers and decorations!  A few sawn pallets stacked up made a nice little coffee table on the lawn (and helped to stablise the pole!) My flower arrangements were made up of peonies, roses, rhododendrons, chrysanthemums and sweet william with rosemary for greenery and fragrance.

30th Birthday BBQ - Roses and Rosemary in Diet Coke Bottles

30th Birthday BBQ - Candles and Flowers throughout the garden

I had plenty of seating set up so people could suit themselves and lots of cushions and blankets to keep everyone comfortable.

30th Birthday BBQ  - Guests mingling under the canop

30th Birthday BBQ- the Lawn seating

Darcy got a little bit overwhelmed by all of the people but he soon bounced back and mingled with the guests stealing bits of BBQ!

30th Birthday BBQ - Me and Darcy!

30th Birthday BBQ

I got all crafty for this shindig too!  A polystyrene wreath covered in cocktail umbrellas decorated the front door to greet my guests.

30th Birthday BBQ - DIY gold glitter letter sign

I cut out letters from black posterboard and then covered it in gold glitter paint for the ANNA 30! and DRINKS signs.

30th Birthday BBQ - Food and Drink Stations

I kept things nice and simple and self service through the night.  I had got Tesco Bumper Party Bags of BBQ food, which were excellent value and had everything you could need! Everything got cooked in the oven and then served buffet style.  Paper plates and pink plastic cutlery meant that at the end of the night cleanup was simple!

30th Birthday BBQ- Ombre Birthday Cake

The cake went down very well!  I went for a 3 layer ombre victoria sponge.  Darcy helped to clean up!

30th Birthday BBQ - Darcy cleaning up cake plates!


All in all a wonderful evening filled with fun,friends and food, what more could a girl ask for?

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Flower Arranging

This isn’t a food post but I did spend a good hour in my kitchen today doing this as well as picking all of the things to make it so I thought I’d post it here.  I like flower arranging, having fresh flowers in the house is such a simple thing that makes such a difference to my mood.  During winter I usually prefer not to have the gaudy out of season flowers you see in supermarkets and content myself with some roses.  But Christmas gives me an excellent excuse to exercise my more extravagant side!

I admit I may have got carried away! 

But I picked everything myself and it all came from within a mile of the house, how’s that for economical!  I had a lot of fun doing this and had to use all of the tricks I learned during my classes in Japan to get this to work.  My hands are prickled all over, teasles are a nightmare on their own but holly and teasles together can be plain torture!  It’s a shame I don’t go to church as I do have a tendency to lean towards church sized arrangements.  I’m doing a table centrepiece tomorrow that I shall try to keep in scale!

Part II

I finished the centrepiece!  It’s more or less the size I wanted it too.  I also bought a new christmas tablecloth.  It’s made of that plastic material (PVC?) so all spills can be dealt with.  I’m taking a break from the holly after this, my hands are ruined! What with that and rootling in hedges for sloes and crab apples I’m scratched to bits! 

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