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Mini Egg Flapjack

First off, let’s get one thing clear: There is no such thing as “Leftover Easter Eggs”.  There are simply Easter eggs you haven’t eaten yet.  All recipes that imply otherwise, as if you would accidentally forget about all of that chocolatey goodness waiting for you, annoy me.  However, in the spirit of being adventurous in your chocolate consumption I came up with these Mini Egg Flapjacks to take on my Easter Weekend Hike up Kinder Scout.  A good flapjack is hard to beat for giving you an energy boost and the Easter holiday was to good  an opportunity to pass up! Mini Egg Flapjack Makes 16 bars 100g butter 75g golden caster sugar 3 tbsp maple syrup 200g oats 50g rice crispies 50g plain flour 100g whole hazelnuts 50g chocolate Chips 90g Mini Eggs (1 bag), lightly bashed – Heat the oven to gas mark 4 * and line a brownie tin with baking paper. – Melt the butter, sugar and syrup together in a small pan until just melted and bubbling.  Don’t over boil unless you want hard, crunchy flapjack! – In a large mixing bowl combine the oats, rice crispies, flour and hazelnuts. – Stir the melted butter into tthe dry ingredients until no flour is left visible. – Add the chocolate chips and stir through the mixture. – Tip into the prepared baking tray and spread the mixture out evenly. – Scatter over the mini eggs and press the mixture down firmly to give an even surface. – Place in the oven and bake for 25 minutes until just golden brown. – Remove from the oven and allow to cool in the tin  for 10 minutes before lifting out the paper and slicing into bars. – Return to the tin to cool completely. Mini Egg Flapjack

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Dyed Eggs

A little bit of a late post here, but 12 hours late is better than never I think! I thought I’d do a post in anticipation of Easter Weekend being almost upon us and share the secret of fabulous brightly dyed eggs!

These are simply hard boiled eggs that have been dyed with basic liquid food colourings. Since I know I’m not alone in having made the switch to gel colours for baking but still having a stash of liquid colours in the cupboard this is an ideal way to use them in a fun project.

I used to love Easter Morning back home. My mum… I mean, the Easter Bunny…used to prepare an Easter egg hunt all around the house and garden and my sister and I would chase around trying to gather the most eggs. Not that it mattered in the end, they were always divided absolutely equally once we’d finished!

Mum would always do a selection of dyed hard boiled eggs in amongst the chocolate and it was always so exciting how an ordinary, boring egg could be transformed into a jewel coloured wonder!

The trick is ever such a simple one: Vinegar!

You take your eggs and put them in bowls of water each with a splash of vinegar and your food colour of choice in. The longer you leave them to soak the brighter and more vibrant your eggs will be. If you were to start with paler eggs and leave them for only a short time you would get more pastel colours. But if you want the bright, bold colours you see here then all you need to do is soak them for longer. It’s easy to check how your eggs are doing, all you do is fish them out and see how deep the colour is. If you want more colour, simply pop them back in for longer! Easy!


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Easter Bunny Cupcakes

These aren’t a recipe but I have been waiting for months to make these and, as tomorrow is the last day I will be in the office before Easter, I had to make them today!


The basic cupcake base is just my usual vanilla sponge (250g each of butter, sugar and self raising flour, 5 eggs and 1 tsp vanilla = 16 cupcakes) and the buttercream is also my regular vanilla but with the addition of green food colouring paste. The decorations are Malteser mini Malteaster bunnies and mini mini eggs, which are available from most supermarkets. These are just as cute as I had hoped so I just had to share them here, despite not really being a new recipe at all.

Hope you all have a great Easter break! The Queen is visiting York on Thursday so I’ve taken the day off work to go see her. Yay, extra long weekend for me!

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My Gran’s Simnel Cake

My Gran, Angèle Midgley, passed away a year ago today.  I’ve thought of a number of ways to mark the anniversary and this seemed like the perfect way to mark the day.  I remember her every day in a hundred different ways but for now I thought I’d focus on my foodie memories of her.

She wasn’t one of the world’s great cooks, although her father was a chef, but whenever the whole family assembled when I was a child the dining room table at her house would be crammed with food and everyone would dig in.  I remember sitting at that table and learning the ‘correct’ way to eat your soup in the old soup bowls with handles.  (Spoon moves away from you to scoop and you sip from the near side.)  I remember picking strawberries with her at the pick your own and probably eating my own bodyweight in strawberries! I remember how, when I started to cook, I would take some muffins or scones and homemade jam over to her and we’d have tea.  I remember going for drives up Nidderdale and having lunch somewhere, just the two of us.

This is the recipe that my Mum uses every year to make a Simnel Cake.  This year I’ll be joining that tradition and I too shall be using this copy of the recipe, hand written by my Gran.  I’ve uploaded the pdf and I know she’d be thrilled if you were to use it too.

Gran’s Simnel Cake

(For anyone struggling with the handwriting, I will eventually get it typed up but I’ve been corresponding with her for years so it all makes perfect sense to me!)

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