Ok, I admit it, I’ve gone full on “The Good Life” recently.  Following on from learning all about Beekeeping I volunteered to help clear ground for an apiary allotment site near my house and found out that there was a small starter plot up for grabs.  Well, grab it I did!

The beginning of the Allotment!

This is what I started with.  About 5m x 16m of weed suppressed ground.  I have spent the last few weeks digging and fencing and working away.

Lots of Digging!

There was an awful lot of digging.  The ground didn’t have any weeds, which was a blessing, but it did have a load of crushed plastic pots, a shovel, a rake, a fork, a pickaxe and a hammer all rotting away, along with what might once have been a green house base?  Anyway, it all needed clearing and levelling and the clay soil enriching.

Allotment Books

I’ve also developed a naughty habit of buying the Amazon 1p plus postage books on gardening.  In fact I’m awaiting delivery of a few more that caught my eye this week!

The Plot as it stands!

This is where I’m up to: fences built, beds marked out and paths laid.  I’ve crops in the ground and I’m preparing to build a chicken run at the far end so I can have fresh eggs too!  More on that and the epic shed move soon!



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7 responses to “Allotment!

  1. madeleine eltham

    Good for you Anna! Such a rewarding thing to do – despite the hard work (let nobody kid you that it’s a doddle!) Look forward to updates soon 🙂 x

  2. What is an apiary allotment?

    • It’s an allotment site that is for beekeeping. In this case an overgrown, shaded corner plot. Perfect for bees but no good for anyone else. Each beekeeper has a stand area for up to 3 hives and this site should be able to have 8 stands of 3 when we’re up and running.

  3. Fantastic!!! Happy growing

  4. Brambles & Twine

    I’m slightly late to your blog but you’ve made great progress. I love the 1p books too. I have quite a Geoff Hamiliton collection from there 🙂

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