Kitchen Crafts – Soldering Iron Wood Etching

Something a little different today!  Instead of food here are some easy to make crafts for your kitchen!

Etched Spoons

I made these for Christmas gifts for a friend and her kids and I think they went over well!

Etched Chopping Board


I made this chopping board for my mum and she loved it!  I even personalised it even further on the back by signing it!

Etched Chopping Board

And for myself I just had fun playing around with making different patterns!

Patterned Spoons

The trick?  A soldering iron!

I had bought an £8 one ages ago as I wanted to fix something (still in the cupboard, oops!) but I realised that it was perfect for burning patterns into wood and bamboo.  These are all just basic wooden spoons (and a bamboo chopping board) that I bought and then sat and sketched on with my soldering iron!  Just make sure that you are buying suitable products.  I found some beautiful “wooden” placemats but on closer inspection the “wood” was paper thin laminate and would not have been safe for food preparation.

If you’re less confident on your freehand then simply sketch out your design on the spoon lightly in pencil first then start drawing it in with the soldering iron.  The longer you hold it on the darker, and deeper the etching will go.  Have fun with it!







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