Anna’s Ski Essentials


If you’re a first time skier it can be daunting figuring out which bits of kit are necessary.  It’s tempting to buy one of everything you see but this can be a very expensive hobby that way! (Heck, it’s already an expensive hobby, good job it’s so much FUN!) Here is a list of my skiing essentials to help guide your purchases!

Ski Essentials

1. Ski Snood/Balaclava – Easy to fit under a helmet and wearable in many different ways according to the conditions.
2. Sun Screen Lip Balm – Saves you from fumbling about and dropping it all the time, and saves your lips from chapping!
3. Goggles – No one likes snow in their face!
4. Touchscreen Inner Gloves – You know you’ll want to snap a chair lift selfie, do it without getting frostbite!
5. Ski Jacket – Warm and waterproof, this truly is an absolute essential!
6. Merino Wool Thermals – The wool is super warm and naturally antibacterial too, which stops you getting sweaty and stinky!
7. Ski Gloves – Waterproof gloves are a must, wet, soggy inner gloves are horrid!
8. Salopettes – Keep your bum and legs warm and dry!
9. Merino Wool Ski Socks – Nobody likes cold toes but you don’t want to add too much bulk of your boots won’t fit properly.
10. Ski Ties – Makes transporting your skis to and from the pistes a doddle, and stashing them while you grab a hot drink too!
11. Lift Pass Holder – Makes it so simple to whip out your pass and get on those slopes!

… Skis, boots and poles would certainly come in handy, but as I always hire mine in resort I’ve left them off the list!  If your rental company don’t supply a helmet make sure you get one, better safe than sorry, kids!

(Links go to my Amazon Associates if you fancy buying things!)

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