Marsala Cream Chicken

This Marsala Cream Chicken is a lovely little dish to rustle up on a Friday night.  A tiny bit fancy, a whole lot delicious, and it pairs brilliantly with simple steamed veg to keep things from getting too unhealthy.  Yes, there’s a good amount of cream in there.  So what?  A little bit of indulgence is no bad thing!  You can switch to creme fraiche for a slightly healthier option without any trouble.  The deep earthy flavours will satisfy your tastebuds without leaving you hungry!

Marsala Cream Chicken


1 large chicken breast (most supermarket chicken breasts these days are HUGE! If not, use two small ones)
1 tbsp herbes de Provence
150g chestnut mushrooms, quartered
3 tbsp Marsala
150ml double cream
salt and pepper to taste

– Split your chicken breast in two if using a very large one.
– Rub all over with a little olive oil and the herbes de provence.
– Get a solid frying pan (cast iron is great!) and get it nice and hot.
– Place the chicken breasts in the pan and cook until blackening.  (At least 5 minutes! You should be able to see the meat cooked at least halfway up.)
– Turn over and cook the other side until nice and dark. (If you think its browning too fast and is still raw inside, turn down the heat!)
– Push the chicken to one side of the pan.  (Quick visual check here to make sure the chicken is cooked through, we don’t want undercooked chicken!)
– Add the mushrooms and garlic and fry until just cooked.  (This should only take a minute or two.)
– Add the marsala, give it a quick swirl.
– Add the cream and season with the salt and pepper.
– Heat it until the cream is just boiling and everything is piping hot.
– Serve with steamed veggies.



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