Death to the Mare’s Tails!

They look kinda funny, don’t they? Like weird asparagus.  But BEWARE! These are Mare’s Tails and you will never defeat them.


We once had an allotment.  We dug that place over religiously, we weedkilled, we rotovated, we pulled and we grafted.  We never got them all.  So to discover that the entire left hand border of my garden is infested with them was… well, vexing.  But I shall not go down without a fight!  The first wave to poke their heads above ground got zapped with Roundup Gel.  Then the next day the whole border was hit with a good soaking of the strongest glyphosate I could buy and each stem bruised to allow it to penetrate.

There go my dreams of keeping things organic (my go to weed killer is neat vinegar) but organic won’t win this fight.  The best I am hoping for is to kill as much of it as I can before raking up the gravel and laying weed suppresant fabric and just keeping things in pots along that border rather than planting direct into the soil.  This is a fight I know I won’t ever really win but I can cheat and run away!


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