Shotgun And Chelsea Bun Club

Time for a little bit of a non-foodie detour!  About this time last year I saw a tweet.  It was about The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club… well, that sounded interesting, I thought! Basically, it’s a ladies only club that allows you to go along to an event, learn to shoot clay pigeons, and then have tea and cake afterwards.  I’d always been vaguely intersted in learning to shoot, my parents used to shoot when I was younger but I’d never even seen a gun before, let alone picked one up and shot one!

I signed myself up to go along to one in April at Coniston Shooting Grounds and I bloody loved it!  It was so much fun: exhilarating, instinctive and captivating! The instructor was absolutley brilliant, explaining exactly what you needed to do and talking you through it simply.  It didn’t matter that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing at first, by the time we’d been to a few different stands I really felt I was getting the hang of it all.  And there was tea and cake on pretty vintage china at the end of it all!


Two weeks ago I went back to another Chelsea Bun Club at Conniston and, again, had an absolutley fantastic time.  It was just as much fun as I remembered and given it was only my second go I was absolutley gobsmacked when I won the best novice prize! It’s definitely something I’m going to keep doing, I’m waiting on tenterhooks for next year’s dates so I can see how many events I can fit in and am even looking into getting some private lessons.  It’s not often I take to something so readily and have the skills to back up my enjoyment but I’m really looking forward to developing my ‘beginner’s luck’ into some solid skills.

If any of you ladies have ever fancied having a go at shooting I cannot reccommend the Chelsea Bun Club highly enough.  It’s such a friendly, welcoming group.  No matter if you’ve been shooting for years or never even touched a gun you’ll fit right in.  It’s lovely to meet new people and chat about random things while doing something so totally different from my day to day!


Now, as my token, “It’s relevant to the blog, honest!” have a recipe for my Orange Bundt Cake that I took along to the last event!


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