Honey, I’m home!

So… this has been a rather long and unplanned hiatus.  I want to apologise to anyone who has missed my random ramblings.  This year has been a strange one and has been rather challenging in a lot of ways.  Life has been throwing me some curve balls and there have been a lot of ups and downs.  However, I’m back, I’m healthy, I’m happy and I am determined that 2014 is going to be a brilliant year and that I will not allow this blog to suffer any longer.  I love blogging, I love sharing all of my foodie thoughts and experiments with you guys.  I love receiving comments from people who have tried things and being able to offer and receive advice. 

In order to motivate myself I have even gone and got myself a domain name, just to pretty things up! If you want to add http://www.annainthekitchen.co.uk to your bookmarks and check back with me in the year to come then I promise not to go AWOL again and to keep the recipes coming!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, I always have so much fun trying new and exciting Christmas recipes and I hope you find some things to try yourself on this blog.  There are always some recipes I revisit every year so here’s a quick reminder of some things I’ve shared previously that I love to cook:

My Christmas Cake Recipe.  Can be made even as late as Christmas Eve (If you start first thing in the morning!)


An excellent Christmas breakfast, my Christmas Tree Chelsea Buns are full of christmas flavours!

Anna's Breakfast Bites

Anna’s Breakfast Bites are an essential part of our Christmas.  If you prefer something savoury, or just need some brunch to keep the munchies at bay while waiting on the turkey, these are a fantastic crowd pleaser!

Christmas Muffins

If you are in need of a very quick recipe to whip up and take into the office may I suggest my Christmas Muffins

Cranberry Fool, a brilliant way to finish a Christmas meal if the traditional Christmas Pudding just isn’t for you!

And finally, Fudge! That perennial favourite for home made gifts.  You can make this in so many different flavours, it’s  perfect for that personal touch, and so much easier than you think it will be!



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