As has now become something of a tradition for Royal events I prepared a Jubilee feast for us to graze on while watching the pageant on the tv at my parents’ house. I kept it simple. The only rule seemed to be that if it stayed still it got a union jack on it! (The dog failed to stay still!)


The full spread. We even pulled out the very good china and the family silver teapot! Apparently, at the age of 26 I am now able to be trusted with the very good stuff!


The union jack bedecked fruit loaf with my red white and blue cupcakes in the background. The fruit loaf was gluten free and the only sugar in it cake from the fruit. Perfect for my dad, who loves fruit cakes and has diabetes.


And for our jubilee dessert, a banoffee pavlova bejewelled with a union jack made of strawberries and blueberries. Hands up, who didn’t make a union jack out of fruit on something this weekend?


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