Children In Need 2011

Another year, another Pudsey Bake Sale to organise at the office!  This year we were bigger and better than ever! I recruited volunteer bakers from the whole office and I am so very very proud to say that we raised and incredible £173 for Children In Need!!!!  With more promised on Monday.

And yes, I wore those ears all day!  We had a fantastic spread, everyone was absolutely inspired! I made Marshmallow Crispies, Chocolate Brownies, Pudsey Gingerbear Biscuits and a special Pudsey cake!

I borrowed the tin from my mum who used it to make my 3rd Birthday cake and within 10 minutes of arriving in the office he had been sold to become someone’s grandson’s 6th Birthday cake!

To make your own Pudsey cake you will need a bear cake mould and make a simple sponge using 250g each of butter, sugar and self raising flour along with approximately 250g worth of eggs.  I made him lemon flavoured coz he’s yellow, of course he’s lemon flavoured! To cover him in buttercream you need 225g unsalted butter, 475g icing sugar, 1tsp vanilla and 2-3 tbsp milk and mix, mix mix! I mixed so hard I blistered my entire finger!

Huge thanks to everyone at the office for baking and eating, we smashed last year’s total of £123 and enjoyed every crumb!


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