Royal Wedding

First up, congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!  Second, OMG THAT DRESS!!!!!!!!!  I am so in love with it! It was absolutely perfect, the lace, the train, the veil, all absolutely spot on!  Days like today make me so proud to be British and part of such history.  Since this is, ultimately, a food blog we need to mention the cakes here, I’m so curious about the McVitie’s one, I suspect I know the kind but the mystery excites me! And the wedding cake, classic, gorgeous and so so skillful! Which rather sums up the whole occasion really!

This is how I watched the Royal Wedding:

Sitting at home with my family in front of the telly. I confess, I cried! You can see the edges of my bunting there, I am so proud of myself, I finished making that at midnight last night!

After the ceremony while waiting for them to appear on the balcony we tucked into a modest spread:

I admit, there was supposed to be more but in all the excitement I totally forgot about the sausage rolls etc. languishing in the freezer but we just had those for dinner instead!

I’d made plenty of sandwiches in any event, cut in triangles for my vegetarian sister and rectangles for we meat eaters! I wanted to keep the whole thing fairly traditional, finger sandwiches, cake, crisps, jelly, sausage rolls, just old school British party food. 

This cake was my first experiment ever with using fondant icing… it was very tricky, and does look a bit like I iced it with ketchup, but no matter, the red, white and blue icing with the wonderful addition of edible ball bearings to add some sparkle worked a treat! I’ll be posting the cake recipe for you  tomorrow hopefully. 

And finally, I too stuck with the theme of red, white and blue. (Red shoes and a red and white bow in my hair.)  I had a great day and it will be one I’ll always remember.  It all struck exactly the right note, it all looked amazing and there were some killer hats!  The perfect wedding in my book!


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