Cranberry Fool

For the finale I wanted something that screamed Christmas but wasn’t something traditional.  Again, it also had to be something I could prep beforehand and set aside.  This produced all of the “Wows” I could have wished for when I brought it out at the end of the meal.  Even my dad was tempted to eat some and the man hates desserts!  I have to say it was delicious! Despite the fact that it’s made of cream and sugar it’s actually a very light dessert.  The perfect end to a gluttinous meal!

Serves 4

250g fresh cranberries
200g caster sugar + 3 tbsp
400ml double cream
1 egg white, beathn until frothy

– Put most of the cranberries in a small pan with 150g of the sugar.  Keep back 16 or so for the garnish. 
– Cook the cranberries in the pan with a lid on until the sugar melts and bubbles.  Cook for ~10 minutes until the cranberries are soft.  They will pop, do not scream like a girl (ahem) when they do so. 
– Use a spoon to mash them up once they are cooked. 
– Set aside to cool. 
– Whilst they are cooling take a large mixing bowl and pour 200ml of the cream and the remaining 50g sugar into it. 
– Use a hand mixer to beat until the cream forms soft peaks. 
– Stir the remaining 200ml cream into the cranberries until a wonderful pink colour. 
– Tip this pink mixture on top of the whipped cream. 
– Stir through only a few times to acheive a marbled effect. 
– Spoon into four cocktail glasses. 
– To garnish take the remaining cranberries and dip them in the egg white. 
– Put the 3 tbsp sugar on a plate and drop the cranberries onto the sugar.  Roll around until evenly coated in sugar. 
– Set aside to set. 
– Once hard, plce a few cranberries on each dessert. 
– Chill until ready to serve. 



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