Not so much a recipe as a handy hint here.  I found some delicious looking asparagus on the market on Thursday but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat it straight away.  To keep your asparagus fresh, simply stand it in a wide mouthed jar of water and keep it on the side until you are ready for it. 

Then, when you are ready for it you simply need to snap off the woody root ends.  (Grasp the asparagus spear at the very end with your right index finger and thumb, then with your left index finger and thumb pull along the asparagus towards the tip trying to bend it and exerting pressure until you feel it bend and snap.) Discard the woody parts then steam your asparagus foe 7-10 minutes depending how thick the stems are.  Then serve asyou wish.  How about with a Microwave Poached Egg and some hollandaise sauce?


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