Children In Need – Chocolate Crispies

To raise some money for Children In Need today I organised a Pudsey Bake Sale at work.  We put on a great little spread and the whole firm gave generously so we managed to raise an amazing £110!!!!!  I am so happy with such an staggering result.  Huge props to my department who helped with providing the delicious delicacies!

My colleagues Belinda, Doreen, Hayley and Me with our tasty treats!

 I’m going to be posting a couple of the recipes over this weekend but I thought I’d start with the classic of Bake Sales across the land, the Chocolate Crispie!  Everybody  loves these but unless you’ve got kids of your own they tend to pass out of your sphere after school.  No need for that, they really are the simplest treat ever!  Melt chocolate, add cornflakes… well, more or less!


Makes 18

100g butter
4 tbsp golden syrup
200g chocolate
150g cornflakes

– Put your bun cases in bun trays or muffin tins.
– Melt together the butter, syrup and chocolate in a small, heavy bottomed pan (or a bowl over a pan of boiling water)
– Pour the mixture over the cornflakes in a large bowl and mix really well so all the flakes are coated. 
– Put big spoonfuls of the mixture in the paper cases and leave to set.


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