Happy Hallowe’en!

Anyone else suffering from pumpkin carving injuries? I managed to slip a tiny bit while stabbing a pumpkin and managed to nick myself!  I can say that the knife was indeed incredibly sharp, as it promised (not sure it can really claim to be the “world’s sharpest knife” but definite points for effort!  Given the difficulty I went through getting it it was worth it! (2 supermarkets, 40 miles driven, the last pumpkin in Christendom I swear!)  Let the moral be: Always buy your pumpkin early and certainly not at 9pm the night before Hallowe’en!

I also decided to give parsnip carving a go.  I tried once, many years ago, to do this but it was next to impossible and I injured myself that time too.  This year I cooked the parsnip first and then scooped out his innards, still very difficult but I managed it! And, with the help of an electric tea light, I managed to get him lit up too.  (A regular tea light wouldn’t have fitted in but I could turn the electric one on and place it in upsidedown.)  I call him FrankenParsnip:

Unlike last year I haven’t been doing anything Hallowe’en related in the kitchen other than butchering vegetables (and myself).  I just haven’t had the time!  This evening I ditched the Trick or Treaters to go with my Gran on a drive through Fountains Abbey, a National Trust property near our houses.  They floodlit it and opened it up to vehicles so that those less able to get about could see it, it’s a lovely site, one of my favourite places in the whole world, so it was fantastic to be able to go and enjoy it with both my Gran, who just isn’t capable of walking so far these days, and my Mum, who is once again on crutches having managed to fracture a metatarsal lengthways!  (She’s talented, you have to give her that.)  Hopefully I’ll be getting my act together more over Christmassy things, not long now!!!  I’ll leave you with this spooky looking pic of Fountains Hall, didn’t quite mean to take it like this but I like it!


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