Purchases and Outings

First of all I’m afraid I simply have to show off my latest kitchen purchase.  I finally found a pine dresser!!!!  I’m rather in love with it.  It’s really brought the kitchen together and all that extra storage space is very handy, finally I’ll have somewhere for my tea sets!

Speaking of tea sets last weekend I went along to The Secret Tea Room.  Quite by chance a few weeks ago I saw a retweet about there being tickets left for The Secret Tea Room’s road trip to York while I was on the bus.  The concept seemed simple enough and I was feeling adventurous so, knowing nothing more about it, within five minutes of arriving at the office I had booked myself a spot!  I’m so glad I did!

I turned up, not knowing at all what to expect, (other than tea!), and had a lovely afternoon sitting chatting to complete strangers, drinking more tea than ever before in my life (and rediscovering Oolong) and nibbling on delightful little sandwiches and delicious cakes.  All in all my idea of a great afternoon!  I deliberately went on my own, it was to be an adventure! And it was, I met some lovely people and had a lovely time. 

Lynn obviously puts a lot of effort into these events, (even more so when having to cart everything to York and back!) and it really showed.  You can read more about the whole thing over on her blog Bakelady as I am just not doing it justice!  Also present was Sophie of Little Pretty Things who provided us all with little bags of her divine chocolates.  They were sublime, although I don’t think I’m going to be a convert to the blue cheese one!  It was great to chat to her, she’s obviously so passionate about what she does, who wouldn’t be about chocolate?!

I’ve been rather busy recently so I hope you’ll all pardon the lack of posts recently.  On Monday night I made my annual pilgimage to see John Barrowman on tour.  He was as fantastic as ever, it’s always such a good show, it gives me such a buzz but thenthe innevitable comedown takes some getting over.  I hope to be up and at it in the kitchen again soon though so look out for more!


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