My Birthday!

Ok, so I’m rather late in posting about this but things have been hectic.  As you’ll see in the previous post we had a picnic for my birthday, which was lovely, but we all know that Birthdays are about CAKE!!!

My mum makes me a special cake every year.  I’ve been taking a patchwork and quilting class recently and so that was the theme of my cake.  I’ve been trying to create a similar patterned cushion but the cat keeps sleeping on it so it’s slow going!

I also took cakes into the office on Wednesday, and I got some excellent feedback!  People kept telling me I was in the wrong job, I have to agree but I can’t fund a bakery of my own just yet so I’ll stay for now!

I went with basic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate buttercream and a lemon glace icing for a slightly lighter option. 

I decorated them in various ways, caramel hearts, malteasers, white chocolate stars, chocolate sprinkles, sugar flowers, sugar hearts and edible ball bearings with silver smarties. 

The recipes are just my usual sponge cupcakes with buttercream and glace icing and the decorations were from my, ever growing, collection.  I’m especially fond of the vanilla buttercream as I used a new nozzle for piping it, a very large closed one, I really liked how it came out.  My absolute favourites are the chocolate cakes with vanilla buttercream and flowers.  I may have to make more of these soon simply for the aesthetics!


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