Marshmallow Crispie Treats

I love Marshmallow Crispies, they’re one of the first things I ever made as a kid and I’m just as fond of them now as an adult.  There is this bakery near us where you can get a block of it the size of half a brick!  It’s also a quick and tasty treat to throw together.  Yes, it does involve melting sugary things, so there’s an element of risk if you set a kid loose on it, but I never managed to hurt myself and I’ve been making them for nigh on 20 years now!

I decided that since Easter is fast approaching nests were the way to go.  I’m not sure that the chicks were the best plan… although I’m sure yellow fluff will taste great covered in marshmallow!  These are sticky though.  If you’re just pressing it into a tin it’s bad enough but getting your hands involved to shape nests is tricky!  Vegetable oil is the key here, lots and lots of oil!

Makes 21 nests

50g unsalted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
300g marshmallows
250g rice crispies
lots of vegetable oil
2 packs mini eggs
21 chicks

– Oil 2 bun tins (I have a 12 and a 9).
– In a large pan melt the butter over a low heat.
– Add the marshmallows and heat very gently until the marshmallow melts too.  Keep stiring as you don’t want it to burn and stick.
– Add the vanilla essence and stir through.
– Once completely melted take off the heat.
– Add the rice crispies and stir until well coated.
– Lightly oil a metal spoon and well oil your hands.
– Use the spoon and your hands to scoop a heap of marshmallow crispie into the holes and shape with your fingers.
– Add the mini eggs and chicks to each one as you finish so they will stick.
– Continue until you run out of mixture.
– Leave to set in the tins for 1 hour then run a knife round the outside to loosen.
– Place each treat in a paper bun case to serve* and prevent sticky fingers!

* If you just put the mixture straight into the case it will stick to the case and you eat a lot of paper.  This way it sticks a lot less so you don’t have to increase your fibre intake so much!


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