Good News!!!

I have a job!!! 

I start tomorrow morning at 9am.  It’s 9-5 with a fair commute on top of that so I’m afraid that you’ll probably be seeing a bit less of me.  I will still be cooking every weekend at the very least, and probably some dinners too, but don’t be surprised if there’s a bit of a slow down around here while I find my feet.  My mum’s office have begged me to keep supplying them with baked goods so I’m thinking Sunday will probably turn into a bake-fest so I can send/take things to offices on Monday.  It all happened rather fast so I’ve been taking advantage of my last day of freedom today to tackle some things I’ve been planning so there will be a couple of recipes up later.  After that I make no promises.  I’m so nervous!  My first grown up job!  Wish me luck.



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2 responses to “Good News!!!

  1. Sam

    MaSSiVE good luck hunny! ^_^ x

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