Fajita/Chilli Bar

Yesterday my sister had her 21st birthday party with all her friends at uni.  I volunteered to cater for her.  The party was for 14 people and she decided she wanted something that people could serve themselves from a communal pot then sit down together to eat.  We came up with the idea of a fajita and chilli bar.  That way everyone could put their food together how they liked it.  The chilli was made with veggie mince as the vegetarian option then we had chicken fajitas for the meat eaters and the sides could all be put together according to your individual whim.  I’m rather proud of this party because I planned the concept and menu, did all the shopping and then cooked/chopped/iced for about 3 days solid! 

Everything was organised along the breakfast bar then we sat down at the table to eat. 

The Line Up:

Plates and Bowls
Veggie Chilli
Chicken Fajita
Grated Cheese
Tomato, Sweetcorn and Red Onion Salsa
Creme Fraiche
Lime Segments

Then we had chips and dip on the table and I made up little bags of homemade chocolates as party favours.

For dessert/birthday cake we had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.  Made to my usual Cupcake recipe and iced with Buttercream.  The vanilla cupcakes then had a glace cherry on top and the chocolate ones had half an after dinner mint on top.  Everyone was very impressed with the chocolate ones and kept asking where I bought them!  They are very simple to make but do look very impressive. 


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