Homemade Chips

I’m all for oven chips.  They’re great.  Not much fat and the perfect vehicle for sauce.  But you never eat an oven chip and go, “mmm”, do you?  Sometimes you need a proper deep fried chip.  Fat be damned!  Tonight was one of those nights. 

I was afraid of the deep fat frier for a long time.  It’s boiling oil!!!  But I faced up to my fears one night and discovered that actually, it’s not so scary after all.  So long as you’re careful and don’t go sticking your fingers in or anything like that it’s not the hideously dangerous exercise I thought it might be!  I’ll fry all sorts of things now where previously I’d have found a way round it so give it a go! You might just surprise yourself. 

Allow about 2 average potatoes per person.  Judge it by eye. 

– Switch on the deep fat frier and allow it to get up to temperature. 
– Peel the potatoes and cut into half, or thirds, dependent upon the size of your potato and then slice into chip sized chunks. 
– Scatter into the frier to separate out the slices.  If you have more chips than cover the bottom of the basket then do this in batches. 
– Lower the basket into the oil, shut the lid and cook for 6 minutes. 
– Take out and put in a warm dish lined with kitchen paper and keep warm.  Cook the next batch and do the same then set aside while you cook  the rest of the meal. 
– Just before you are ready to serve tip the chips back into the fryer in one batch and fry for another 2 minutes. 
– Tip back into a warm, lined bowl and serve. I always serve with a sprinkle of ground salt but if you’d rather add salt at the table then do so.


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  1. Stephen

    Hi Anna,

    If you like homemade chips I have a couple of tips that might help make them even tastier.

    Try to use floury potatoes for light, fluffy chips.

    Soak the uncooked chips in cold water for a minimum of about 10 minutes, then dry thoroughly. This removes some of the starch making a softer, fluffier chip.

    I always cook the chips twice too, first on a lower heat (180-190 deg C, or lower) for about 6 minutes or until they are soft and yellow, but not golden. The second frying is as hot as your oil will go for about 2 minutes. This makes the chips lovely and fluffy on the inside and crisp and golden on the outside.

    I think this makes better chips than any chip shop, and they’re not as unhealthy as you think as they don’t absorb that much oil.

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