Flower Arranging

This isn’t a food post but I did spend a good hour in my kitchen today doing this as well as picking all of the things to make it so I thought I’d post it here.  I like flower arranging, having fresh flowers in the house is such a simple thing that makes such a difference to my mood.  During winter I usually prefer not to have the gaudy out of season flowers you see in supermarkets and content myself with some roses.  But Christmas gives me an excellent excuse to exercise my more extravagant side!

I admit I may have got carried away! 

But I picked everything myself and it all came from within a mile of the house, how’s that for economical!  I had a lot of fun doing this and had to use all of the tricks I learned during my classes in Japan to get this to work.  My hands are prickled all over, teasles are a nightmare on their own but holly and teasles together can be plain torture!  It’s a shame I don’t go to church as I do have a tendency to lean towards church sized arrangements.  I’m doing a table centrepiece tomorrow that I shall try to keep in scale!

Part II

I finished the centrepiece!  It’s more or less the size I wanted it too.  I also bought a new christmas tablecloth.  It’s made of that plastic material (PVC?) so all spills can be dealt with.  I’m taking a break from the holly after this, my hands are ruined! What with that and rootling in hedges for sloes and crab apples I’m scratched to bits! 


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