Mushroom Bruschetta

Last Christmas I bought my dad some mushroom plugs so he could grow his own mushrooms (yes, he’s the hardest man on the planet to buy for) and finally this month we saw mushrooms!  I think he’d abandonned the logs in his workshop so we were all a bit surprised to see massive oyster mushrooms sprouting from behind the hoover! 

 Monster Mushrooms

Homegrown Oyster Mushrooms

The hunt was on to cook them in some way that would use them solely in their mushroomy goodness.  We had thought of simply having them on toast but none of us are breakfast people so I upgraded that idea to mushroom bruschetta.  While I was at it I also made a batch of my Tomato and Mozzerella Bruschetta


Makes 12

2 cloves garlic, chopped
6 tbsp olive oil
1 ciabatta loaf
1 clove garlic
~250g mushrooms
2 tbsp creme fraiche
1 tbsp parsley, chopped

– First infuse the garlic in the oil by lightly heating in a small pan.  Set aside to cool. 
– Slice the ciabatta into slices about 1cm thick. 
– Slice the garlic clove in half and rub over the sliced bread. 
– Brush both sides of each slice with the garlic infused oil. 
– On a health grill, very hot griddle or under a grill toast the bread until browned and stripey, turning once. 
– In the meantime heat the remaining garlic infused oil in a frying pan then add the mushrooms. 
– Cook until lightly browned then season to taste. 
– Add the creme fraiche and parsley and stir gently until it melts and coats the mushrooms. 
– Remove the bread from the grill and put a spoon of mushrooms on each slice. 
– Eat straight away.


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One response to “Mushroom Bruschetta

  1. Sam

    They look gorgeous! ^_^ Though the idea of growing mushrooms in a hoover made me laugh so much! ^_^ x

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