Halloween Feast

Last night I served up a Halloween Feast for my family.  I thought up a whole bunch of gross names but mum vetoed that after hearing the starter was called ‘butternut squash filled with pus’.  Apparently that put her off the idea!  Luckily after tasting it she quickly revised her opinion and declared it to be delicious!  Follow the links to the individual recipes:

 Butternut Squash Filled With Pus
(Baked Butternut Squash with Cream)

Butternut Squash Filled With Cream

Batwing Fillets with Poisonous Fungus and Slime Balls
(Chicken with mushrooms in a brandy cream sauce and Spinach and ricotta bake)

Chicken and mushrooms in a brandy cream sauce with spinach and ricotta bake

Originally the “Slime Balls” were going to be gnocchi but gnocchi they did not want to be!  Therefore they became a spinach and ricotta bake in a last-minute emergency reshuffle. 

Eye of Newt Jellies
(Pomegranate and Orange Jellies)

Pomegranate and Orange Jelly

To drink we had Eyeballinis

To make an Eyeballini simply put a glace cherry inside a tinned lychee and place in the bottom of a glass of prosseco!  Delicious, and I have to say the eyeball gets rather alcoholic so watch that, it gets quite a kick to it!


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