Handy Household Hints

         Use lemon juice and salt to clean brass and copper. Ifyou cut a lemon into quarters you can dip it in salt and use it to scrub the thing you’re cleaning. Just give it a good rinse and buff with a clean cloth.

         Use biological washing powder or liquid to clean off baked on food. Just put a cap full of biological washing powder in a large pan and put the thing that has the food on it in this. Boil it for a few hours and the food will soften and you’ll be able to scrub it of in hot soapy water easily. Better yet leave it in the pan overnight. 

         Use vinegar and water to clean your windows. Just put a splash of vinegar in to a bucket of warm water and use old newspaper dipped in this to clean your glass. 

         Use vinegar or cola to get rid of rust on baking tins. Soak the tin in vinegar or cola overnight then use a tooth brush to scrub the rust away. Wash in hot soapy water then dry in the oven on a low heat. Then brush oil over the tin before storing it. 

         Use vinegar to get blueberry juice out of clothes. Cover the stain with vinegar and then pour boiling water through the cloth it’ll take the stain with it. Then wash as normal. 

         Use vinegar as a fabric softener. Simply use in place of fabric softener in your washer if you have sensitive skin. 

         Use bicarbonate of soda to freshen carpets. Sprinkle over the carpet, leave for a few minutes and then vacuum away. 

         Use bicarbonate of soda to clean sinks. Spread it over the area to be cleaned, leave for a few minutes and then wash away. 

         Use bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to clean drains. Mix together, tip down the plug, then rinse. 


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