Cooking Tips

Just a few basic tips that I use as standard but can prove very useful in everyday cookery.  I’ll add more in time and if you have any others please do let me know what they are. 

– When frying an onion or mushrooms add a pinch of salt to soften. This also brings out the flavour. 

– To thicken sauces mix a few teaspoons of corn flour in a splash of cold water and then stir into the sauce. Keep stirring it for a few minutes and the sauce will thicken. 

– Keep vanilla pods in your caster sugar jar.  They ever so slighty flavour the sugar and give and edge to your desserts and baking. 

How To Chop An Onion, this seems rather basic but to some people it’s these basic gaps in their knowledge that is preventing them from progressing with their cooking. 

Basic Chicken Stock, this makes and excellent base for soups or any recipe that calls for stock.  It’s easy to make and freeze and always tastes so much better than a stock cube!

Vegetables, timings for steamed veg and a few other ideas too.

– To test if the setting point for jams and jellies has been reached hold up the spoon and see how the drips form.  If they’re slow and large then test it.  Keep a saucer in the freezer and place a small amount of the jam on this, leave it for a moment then push your finger across the saucer.  If the jam wrinkles ahead of your finger it has reached setting point.  The bubbles are also a good indicator, they should be big, about 1cm, not tiny little ones.


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