Summer Pudding Recipe

Serves 8

1kg frozen summer fruits
250g sugar
~12 slices white bread, a few days old, crusts removed

– Put the fruit and sugar in a large pan.  Cover and heat gently until the juices flow and the sugar is dissolved. 
– Line a pudding basin with clingfilm then butter the inside. 
– Cut the bread into a circle to fit the base of the bowl and strips to cover the sides and top of the bowls also.  Arrange the bread so that the base and walls of the bowl are covered. 
– Using a slotted spoon take the fruit from the liquid and put in the basin.  Occasionally spooning on some of the juice so it permeates the whole pudding.
– Place the bread on the top of the fruit and spoon on some more of the juice. 
– Put a small plate of saucer on top of the pudding and gently weight it down.  Don’t press too hard or it can all squish out. 
– Place in the fridge for at least 24 hours. 
– To serve gently turn out onto your serving plate and ease the cling film out the peel off.  This may not be the easiest step and can all go horribly wrong.  Don’t worry, I guarantee it will still taste good!!
– Serve with cream. 


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