Strawberry Cream Vol Au Vont Recipe

Makes 24

400g strawberries
150ml whippng cream
24 vol au vont cases
100g chocolate
4 tbsp sugar

– Cook the vol au vont cases accordingto instructions and allow to cool. 
– Whip the cream until it is soft but holding peaks. 
– Hull the strawberries and chop into small chunks. 
– Put half of the strawberries into the cream and stir thorough. Chill until needed. 
– Put the other half of the strawberries in a small pan with the sugar and heat until they form a syrup, stiring to make sure it doesn’t stick.  
– Use a stick blender to remove the lumps and make a smooth syrup. 
– Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water.
– Put the melted chocolate into a ziplock bag and seal.  
– Put a teaspoon of syrup in the base of each vol au vent case. 
– Then put a heaped teaspoon of the cream and strawberry mix on top. 
– Add another drizzle of syrup on top of the cream.
– Cut a tiny corner off the bag of chocolate and gently squeeze in a zig zag pattern over the top of each vol au vont. 


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